Consciously Organic

OrganicSpa is a luxurious, certified organic, environmentally conscious and Vegan skincare brand, discovered 10 years ago on the sunny coast of NSW, Byron Bay. With the use of pristine local fair-trade ingredients and the mix of powerful healing ingredients from all over the world, OrganicSpa is a powerhouse of essential vitamins for the skin.

OrganicSpa is specifically formulated with highly active ingredients to treat a whole array of skin conditions, from inflamed acneic and sensitive skins to compromised aging skins at an affordable price point. Madam Frou Frou is very excited to now be offering OrganicSpa treatments including age revitalizing, deep cleansing facials and highly active enzyme-based peels to name a few!

“Here at Madam Frou Frou, we are very proud to be working with OrganicSpa to create Active face and body treatments that will heal your skin with a calming and non-abrasive approach,
the way nature intended”


“Let food be thy medicine...” 
As well as feeding our bodies with nourishing foods, drinking adequate amounts of water and moving our bodies, we need to be conscious of how we treat and feed our skin. OrganicSpa products are packed full of vitamins, minerals and the antioxidants our skin needs to stay plump, hydrated and at its most vibrant self.

The    O   rganic    S   pa range

The Organic Spa range


It’s often forgotten that our skin is the largest organ in the human body, less than one-tenth of an inch separates your body from outside toxins.
This means just about anything you put on your skin will end up in your bloodstream and will be distributed throughout your entire body.

When on the hunt for quality skincare, it can often be an overwhelming task to find a product that’s effective as well healthy. As a consumer its super important to have a basic understanding of ingredients to take charge of your outer and inner health. As a rule of thumb, you firstly want to be able to read the ingredient list and feel confident in knowing what those formulations really mean. If you can’t pronounce a 20-letter ingredient name, it’s most likely not something that you want to be feeding to your skin.

There are quite a few nasty ingredients that manufacturers sneak into conventional and high-end skincare formulations that are not only harmful to your health but also carcinogenic,
aging and depleting to our environment.

Here are the top 7 toxic ingredients to look out for;
OrganicSpa is completely FREE from:

Mineral Oil - Petrolatum / Paraffin Wax
Silicones - Parabens
PEG - Phthalates
Chemically Synthesized Sunscreens

The basics of organic certification for a cosmetic product is that each formula must fall into one of the following two categories:

Minimum of 70% organic – can be labelled ‘made with organics.’
Minimum 95% organic – can be labelled ‘certified organic.’

All other ingredients are to be 100% naturally derived. The complete OrganicSpa collection has a minimum of 70% certified organic content.

“OrganicSpa is holistic approach to beauty and wellness, treating your skin with a powerful concoction of Mother Nature’s best healing elements to give your skin the results and love it’s seeking.
To start your journey with
OrganicSpa, get in touch with us to arrange a personalized skincare program for lasting results and radiant skin”

See you soon at the Spa!
Your Madam Frou Frou Resident Beauty Therapist - Tiffany