Organic Facials

 Customisable Deluxe Facial $90- Allow 60 mins
Designed for all skin types to replenish, refresh and invigorate tired skin. Included is a complete skin diagnosis, deep cleanse, exfoliation and massage with personally customized OrganicSpa products for your individual skin needs. 

Ultra Hydration Facial with Bio-Hydra Mask infusion $120 - Allow 60 mins
Soothe and hydrate even the most dehydrated skin. This Organic Spa facial is ideal for all skin classifications, and replenishing and invigorating stressed tired skin. Beginning with a thorough cleanse and gentle steam, your skin is brought back to its former radiance with exfoliation and pressure point massage. Finishing with an application of a cream or gel mask.

Multi-Detox Clay Facial $120 - Allow 60 mins
The organic spa multi-detox clay signature facial is designed to purify, detoxify and re-balance the skin. Included in this indulgent facial is a complete skin diagnosis, cleanse, exfoliation. Then a detoxifying clay mask restores moisture to help smooth away fine lines and leave your skin visibly brighter and firmer.

Age Vita-Renewal Treatment Facial $120 - Allow 60 mins
The OrganicSpa age vita-renewal signature facial has been designed with one thing in mind - RESULTS
A highly concentrated Vitamin C and Green Tea Mask to restore radiance, hydrate and strengthen your skin. Lymphatic and pressure point massage is performed to encourage clarity, radiance and balance.

Organic Spa Mini Facial $65 - Allow 30 mins
This is a basic mini facial designed to give your complexion a quick boost in between visits or to simply freshen your complexion. Your facial starts with a double cleanse, then is followed with gentle exfoliation and a nourishing mask. The facial is then completed with the application of tailored serums, eye care and moisture defense.

Organic Spa AHA Peel $55  - Allow 30 mins
The organic spa AHA Rejuvenate Peel has been designed to revitalize, refine, brighten and decongest the skin. It can be used as a standalone treatment or combined with another. For pigmentation, scars, acne or resurfacing, we recommend a course of 6–12 treatments to be performed weekly for maximum results.

*Block of 6 Treatments $300
($50 per treatment)

*Block of 9 Treatments $430
($47 per treatment)

*Block of 12 Treatments $540
($45 per treatment)


Organic Spa Lactic & Enzyme Peel $70  - Allow 30 mins

Refines, resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin. This peel has been formulated with the mature and age concerned client in mind, to increase cell turnover, then resurface and smooth the skins top layers whilst improving skin hydration.