Our Story

Imagine entering a vibrant nurturing space that is bursting with colour and filled with natural light. A bustling Hair and Beauty boutique that has been lovingly adorned and designed with vintage bespoke pieces. The salon flows through into two sumptuous floors spilling out into a lush and comfortable courtyard. A sanctuary where ethical ideals and excellence come together, a place where you can truly be yourself; a home from home without pretension, infused with love, compassion and friendship. This is the Madam Frou Frou experience.

“Hi, my name is Dawn. My journey began back in 2012. I awoke one morning with a question in me that needed to be answered, ‘Do I continue to work for someone else, or do I venture out on my own?’ This was a pivotal moment for me, as I realised that I didn’t know the answer, so I decided to find out.

Throughout my career I’ve been fortunate enough to work with, and for, many talented hairdressers and beauty therapists within the global community. The wonderful relationships I experienced over that time both trained and inspired me. But it wasn’t until I finally reached Australian shores that I began to truly hone my skills.

In 2002 my partner and I finally settled in Victoria and decided to call Melbourne home. I spent the next ten years exploring various creative endeavours from abstract painting, interior design, to leather bag making and textile screen printing in order to develop my ideas and enhance my creativity; the lessons were both exhilarating and challenging but ultimately not quite what I needed.

It wasn’t until around six years ago in 2012 that I began to catch a glimpse of what I needed to step away from conformity. I had to test the limits of my imagination once again. Later that year the idea of Madam Frou Frou (and what it could represent) began to keep me awake at night! I finally realised that I had a growing need to truly identify with the needs of with my clients, I had to give them something more of a personalised experience, one that would leave them feeling empowered and wanting more.

Craftsmanship and colour in all its many layers have always been important to me, so in developing Madam Frou Frou I drew inspiration from both the art nouveaux and art deco periods to create a sumptuous aesthetic and feel to my salon. I wanted to create an environment where I could be myself, and work in a place where I could be free.

In today’s busy world the stresses of daily life and its challenges have never been more apparent or important to me, and the humanitarian within compelled me to deliver the idea that just for a moment, you could come to place you love and trust to simply “just be.”

To me, Madam Frou Frou embodies the idea that ‘she’ is in each and every one of us, all we have to do to coax her out is relax, take a chair and simply just breathe…

 With love Dawn